Concealed Handgun Carry Methods

There are several different methods in which to carry your concealed weapon.  I have tried several of these methods, and while none of them are perfect all the time for every situation, they may be considered for different situations.  The optimal result is to get comfortable enough with your concealed carry that you really don’t realize you are even carrying.

Last night I thought about my handgun being in my back pocket several hours after being home.  I actually laid down on the couch and took a nap without even realizing I had my concealed carry in my back pocket.   It is that comfortable!

One of the most common ways to carry a small handgun is using a small neoprene holster and concealing either in a back pocket for front pocket.  This allows the handgun to fit comfortably in the pocket much like a cell phone.

Another popular method would be to carry the weapon on your hip.  This type of carry can utilize either an inside the waistband holster or an outside the waistband or traditional type of holster.  These two configurations can either be clip on or attached by a belt loop

Personally, I have tried several different types of inside the waistband holsters and have found them to be slightly uncomfortably.  Basically every model that I have attempted to wear pinches when sitting.  The inside the band holster and traditional holsters may be the best choice if carrying a larger size firearm is the goal.  Obviously, carrying a full size handgun in your pocket is probably not an option.  Whereas carrying a smaller caliber with less rounds will enable the concealed carry person to have more options.

I was in Academy the other day and saw a concealment undershirt which I thought was interesting.  This garment had padded pouches in the chest area that allowed access from a crossover reach into the pouch.  The garment had pouches on both sides to accommodate right and left hand shooters.  I could see where this would  be a great option for someone in law enforcement or some capacity where they may need a deeply concealed back up gun.  Probably not the go to for the everyday situation, as the garment would have to be worn every day.

There are many options available out there, and there are many manufacturers that claim to be the best options.  In my opinion I think the best scenario is to decide what types of situation will you encounter and how much trouble are you willing to go to in order to protect yourself and the ones around you.  Keep in mind that the best carry system is one that will enable you to carry comfortably all the time cause ya never know.

When The Intruder Threatens You In A Vehicle

Intruders are not always in the home and many times they threaten our lives when we least expect it.

Take into account the events of the last couple of days when an Uber driver went on a killing rampage killing unsuspecting bystanders in cold blood.  We as law abiding Americans must protect ourselves in our vehicles as well as our homes.

Being prepared is the key ingredient in a vehicle personal defense.  So what are some of the important things to consider?  There are many types of scenarios that can occur to a driver or passenger of a car.  Threats could come in the form of hijacking the vehicle from the exterior, or an intruder could threaten from the interior as well.

Here are three considerations to think about concerning vehicle safety:

  1. Keep a handgun in your vehicle.  If you are a concealed carry permit holder, there is a good chance you will have one on your person.  Many states are legal open carry states.  You never know if and when you could break down on the side of the road and be easy prey for the bad guys.
  2. I keep a holster mounted on the console of my vehicle to keep my weapon safe in the event I want to remove it from my waist or back pocket.  It is safer to keep a gun under control and a holster is the best place to keep it safely.
  3. Keep extra clips of ammo accessible.  No one ever intends to be in a shoot out and need extra ammo, but who knows.  It is better to have a few extra rounds in a console or glove compartment where they are available if needed.

Many of us concealed carry guys carry a pocket pistol.  Personally I carry a Bodyguard .380.  But just how effective are these smaller caliber pistols at longer distances?  How effective would they be in a situation where one must shoot through glass or metal.  Many think that it is a good Idea to keep a larger caliber weapon which is accessible.  Also keep in mind that if assaulted in a vehicle, most will find it very cumbersome and time consuming to reach inside the pocket to access the firearm.  Keeping the firearm in a holster could be a good solution.

Many professional drivers train in self defense situations, as manh of them are hired to protect the passengers they carry.  Barry, my friend and owner of a limousine service in Birmingham AL stated that they are often  asked by clients for bodyguard or protective services.  Many limo drivers are trained in evasive driving techniques as well as personal defense for themselves and their passengers.

There are many situations that one may get into when driving.  Obviously people are most vulnerable when inside the car.  The video above shows several situations where a person can defend themselves.  One of the takeaways from the video is to keep moving.  Never show yourself from the same location as last time.  There are opportunities to shoot from under the car and around.  Also be careful when reloading!  Don’t let that noggin pop up where the perp could make an easy head shot.


Carjacking is a huge problem.  Because cars are protected better these days by security systems and electronics, it is harder for the everyday criminal to just break in a vehicle and get it running, so the next best thing is to let the victim get in with the keys and get it running for them.  It is hard to say what the best defense against carjacking could be, but here are a few suggestions:

  1. Park in well lit areas and stay aware of your surroundings.  Criminals looking for a victim will most likely stay away from populated well lit areas.
  2. When approaching your vehicle, do so with purpose.  Be direct and don’t waste time.
  3. Do not look weak when driving.  Don’t look like a victim.  Confidence is a plus.
  4. Make sure that you do not advertise valuables by leaving them visible making it more inticing for a car jacker.
  5. If bumped in traffic or in a deserted area, be aware of a bump and run scheme where the bump is a tactic to get you to stop so that you are and easier target.

Obviously there are too many things to consider when looking at self defense, but self defense is just as important in the vehicle as in the home.  If you would like to contact me with any questions or suggestions, would love to hear from ya.


My Go To Concealed Carry Weapon

Every person that decided to carry a concealed weapon has their own preferences, and most would argue that their personal carry weapon of choice is the only way to go.  The purpose of this article is not to argue which  weapons system is best, but to tell you which weapon and carry system I prefer and what I have tried.

When first trying to get comfortable with concealed carry, I initially tried to use an inside the waistband holster.  These holsters are typically made of kydex which is a hard material that the manufacturer forms to the shape of your firearm.  Initially I had a compact Glock .40 that I was carrying.  The problem that I found was the inside the waistband holster was always uncomfortable when I was sitting.  I sit at the computer and drive a lot, so it was constantly digging in my side.  This article talks a little about these experiences, but basically I tried all types of holsters.

Most of the kydex holsters are similar in that they have a plastic clip that attaches to your belt, and the pistol fits snugly inside the waistband concealed and out of the way.  After trying several setups with the Glock, I thought I would go to a lighter firearm, thinking that it was the size of the Glock that was causing issues.

I thought I would go to the MandP .380 Bodyguard.  The Bodyguard is a lightweight .380 with a built in laser.  This firearm has a thin profile, and I figured this would be more comfortable with an inside the waistband holster.  I bought several kydex holsters trying to find one that did not pinch me when I sat down.  This did not work, as every one of them almost felt the same.  I tried the Alien Gear holster and it was comfortable, but it was so damn big that it was uncomfortable.  It literally wrapped half way around my waist and secured itself with 2 clips.  This was overkill for the little .380.

So what was the solution.  I found a cheap neoprene holster that simply slides over the gun and I put it in my back pocket.  Initially, this was not possible because I carry my wallet in my right back pocket, so I had to make a couple of adjustments.   I purchased a money clip to move my personal items from my wallet in my back pocket to my clip in my front pocket.  This allowed me to carry my Bodyguard 380 in my back pocket and it feels just like my wallet.

I am literally sitting here in my den right now at 10 PM, and my concealed carry weapon is still on my person.  I hardly even think about it anymore and feel naked without it.  That is what you want in a concealed carry.  You want something that is comfortable, because if it is not comfortable and you are not comfortable carrying it, guess what, you won’t carry it.   A gun is of no use when it is not on your person and if it is comfortable, there is a much better chance that you will have it when you need it.bodyguard

As you can see, this is a nice little compact pistol.  More power to you if you can comfortably carry a larger weapon.  I totally understand that there is a reasonable lack of firepower, as the Bodyguard only holds 7 shots.  I do carry a spare clip in my front left pocket 90 percent of the time.  When carrying the Glock, I think the weight of the Glock plus a magizine of 2 stack .40 caliber would be a bit much.

Once again.  Something is better than nothing and if you can carry something most of the time, chances are you will have something when you need it.



AR 15 Platform – Awesome!

AR 15 Platform Review

Welcome to my AR 15 platform review. After purchasing one for myself, I learned a lot to help you make a good choice. For many years I wondered why people wanted the AR 15 .  For a long time I thought that people just might want to feel the military likeness.  Recently I broke down and purchased my own AR 15.  I guess one of the reasons that prompted me to purchase a rifle was the fact that the government is increasingly threatening their very existence, so who knows how long the AR 15 will be available?

I was actually browsing around a pawn shop one afternoon and saw what I believed to be some great deals on AR 15’s, so I purchased one.  I bought the DPMS Oracle model for around $600.  This seemed like a good deal, but it’s a very basic model.  You then have to consider all the many upgrades that are available.

The first thing  I considered was the type of optics best to purchase.  There are several things to think about, especially how you would want to use the weapon.  If you want to use iron sights for very close range, you won’t need optics r equired for long range shooting. Or if you plan to use it for long range use, then a scope would be more appropriate.  For myself, I chose the Vortex red dot sight.

The AR 15 Platform - Vortex Red Dot
The AR 15 Vortex Red Dot

I liked the Vortex as it has dust covers for the lens, and after reviewing, I felt it was a durable, all around good sight.  It would be good for close quarters, as well as for some distance.  This would not be the sight to use to shoot 400 to 500 yards, as a 9 power scope would be better, but for all around, I thought this a good choice.

The next upgrade that I chose was to replace the stock rails with a Magpul rail system.  This inexpensive option gave me the ability to mount accessories on the rail if need be.  Also, I also purchased a new pistol grip for the rifle.  This made the grip a little more comfortable than the stock grips…and they looked cool, which is a major consideration.  :-)

Well, as I continued browsing AR 15 information, I determined that the next step would be to purchase an aftermarket stock.  The stock stock rattled a little and the adjustability was just not there.  So the desert tan stock from Magpul was an affordable upgrade. I am very happy with the AR 15 platform.

Wayne Robertson

Best Home Defense Weapons Review

Best Home Defense Weapons - ShotgunNow I know the topic of best home defense weapons opens a BIG can of worms, because everyone has their opinions. There are so many options to choose from, but in my opinion, if you at least have some type of firearm in your home to protect yourself, you are ahead of the bad guys.

Each type of weapon has advantages and disadvantages, and the type of weapon you have may or may not be perfect for the exact situation that you may find yourself in. When looking at weapons, there are choices such as handguns, rifles, and shotguns. I will explain my thoughts on each one.

This particular article is not going to discuss all the details of caliber, types of rounds, and models of guns to be used for self defense, but will instead cover the broader thoughts on advantages and disadvantages of the types of guns, and their ease of use, as personal home defense weapons.

Handguns For Home Defense

This particular topic could support an entire website all to itself, as there are so many makes, models, and calibers to choose from that the debate could go on forever. First and foremost, you must be competent with whichever hand gun you decide to use. Handguns are extremely effective, and also easy to handle in most situations. One of the drawbacks
with handguns is the lack of accuracy. Handguns are great at close range and can be maneuvered very easily, but if you are not proficient and fail to practice using a handgun, it could be difficult to use in a stressful situation. Think about loading and reloading. Is anyone in the home be proficient in these skills, or able to learn? Because of the drawbacks, the handgun may not be your best choice of home defense weapons.

Rifles For Self Defense In The Home

Rifles are another choice that many people consider for their protection inside the home. Rifles can be very effective is stopping an intruder, but keep in mind that they are not as maneuverable as a handgun. Most rifles must be kept in closets or areas where they may not be as accessible as a hand gun. Rifles also have higher penetration than handguns or shotguns, and this should be considered. High powered rifles have the ability to penetrate walls, and in home defense this may not be desirable, especially if there are other family members in other rooms.

Obviously there are many calibers to consider when talking about rifles for home defense, but the AR 15 has been extremely popular of the last few years. The AR comes in basically a .223 caliber or .556.  The AR is a great rifle, but really how effective is it at close range trying to stop an intruder? The AR or any rifle for that matter is very effective at distance and should be considered as part of ones personal defense strategy, but is that the weapon you want as your go to?

Shotguns In Self Defense

Now let’s discuss the scattergun. Shotguns are one of the most popular weapons in America. Face it, nearly every home in America that has a weapon usually has a shotgun. Shotguns are so versatile because they are used for hunting and sporting, many people own shotguns. A couple of thoughts for shotguns in personal home defense. The shotgun does not penetrate walls as deeply as handguns and rifles when used in the home, but they are not as lethal at longer ranges as the rifle would be. A shotgun because of its size is not as maneuverable as the handgun or probably the AR platform.

Another drawback of the shotgun is recoil. The average 12 gauge full sized shotgun would probably be cumbersome for a 120 lb female to handle easily in a difficult situation. Although this full sized 12 gauge shotgun is one of the most popular guns in the country, would it be the best choice for home defense?

My thoughts on the best self defense gun for the home

Personally, I don’t think there is one choice of best home defense weapons, but there are several considerations to make when considering a gun for your home. If a person is confident, I do think there is a place for all 3 types of weapons. Personally I would recommend keeping a handgun on your person all the time, or at least where a handgun could be easily accessible if need arises. At least a handgun can be readily available in most situations, as I have on in my back pocket as I type this.

AR’s and other rifles also have their place. Who knows, there could be a need for defense that does not involve an in home invasion. This would give you enough time to grab your rifle and use it in a situation where a handgun or shotgun would not be effective.

Best Home Defense Weapons – My Conclusion

So what is the best weapon to have, if you only have one choice to protect you and your family? I would personally go with the shotgun, and not just any shotgun. My personal choice would be a youth model 20 gauge pump shotgun as demonstrated by legallyconcealed.

  1. The 20 gauge in the youth model can be manipulated more easily than the large model 12 gauge.
  2. The recoil is not as severe in the 20 as the 12, this would be better suited for use by a female or older child in the home.
  3. Also, in home defense, the shotgun is not going to penetrate walls as easily as a handgun or rifle.
  4. The shotgun is not going to have to be aimed as precisely as a handgun or rifle, therefore it may be more effective in a stressful situation.
  5. I like the pump, because it is very reliable and because if someone enters the home, most people will recognize the shuffling sound of a shell going into the chamber. This in itself could bea deterrent and keep an intruder at bay.
  6. Also there are many types of ammo available for the shotgun, but my personal preference for inside the home would be regular ol’ high brass 6 shot. This “birdshot” is devastating at close range and has stopping power.

Obviously as distances grow, the effectiveness of the shotgun diminishes, but at close range it is the clear winner and worth consideration as one of the best home defense weapons.